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Announcing "Harvest": A day on the Lands.

On October 15th, Harvest will be staged on the Transport Canada Lands, Pickering Lands. Our guests will be Toronto’s leading food and agriculture activists who'll join us in an original, artist-led event called Harvest.

Harvest is offered by Abundance GTA, a volunteer initiative which seeks to reconnect GTA citizens people to the Transport Canada Lands Pickering. It draws its inspiration from poet and conservationist Wendell Berry, who calls for a “land use ethic that is shaped by a sense of affection for land and place.”

Affection hinges on familiarity; on tangible connections and so Harvest begins with a bus ride from Toronto to Pickering. On the bus three renowned poets - Maureen Scott Harris, Maureen Hynes and Nick Power will share their new work inspired by the Lands. On arrival at a farm on the Lands, First Nations ceremonial leader, Cyndi White, will conduct a sacred fire ceremony honouring the place and its ancestors. Then our partners in community-based food justice networks from CaterToronto and Maizal will share a harvest-themed lunch with our local guests, nearby farmers and activists who will share their experiences of the lingering consequences of the Pickering expropriations. This networking opportunity will strengthen farm-to-city connections for a new generation of dynamic farmers and food producers who are part of a growing movement to re-imagine our food supply system and begin the transition to small agricultural production.

Following lunch the tour will continue to Bob Hunter Memorial Park of the Rouge National Urban Park, a newly-created space that protects nearly 10,000 acres of land once endangered by the threat of airport development. Here our artist partners, Kaeja d’Dance have adapted Flock Landing, a public participatory dance performance, specifically for the Harvest project. Guests will be invited to join in an improvisational, moving exploration of the Lands; a musical opportunity to see, hear, taste and feel the textures of the gift of Nature that are these Lands.

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